3D picture of Emma ? Giles

This is my first official post!  I wanted to share a 3D ultrasound picture of Emma ? Giles that we recently had made at a facility in Glendale.  I was 31 weeks pregnant when the picture was taken…of course we think she’s the cutest baby ever! 

You might be wondering about the “?” in Emma’s name.   Chris has taken ownership of the middle name and I still have not heard the final verdict on it yet.  I love her first name (and last name too of course) so he has been given (or taken?) free reign over the middle name.  Many people have commented that “Emma” is an extremely popular name right now according to the numerous name polls published on the internet and in magazines.  I realize that this is the case, however, I’ve always imagined this name for a little girl if we were ever blessed with a daughter.  While it is a popular name,  I have a feeling she will be a very unique person!

I’m going to try and update my online journal with new pictures and posts on a regular basis.  My next post will be in a week or so when we have the nursery almost completed.  We need to go pick up the rocker and crib skirt (I can’t wait to see how they turned out) and Chris is going to get busy and hang up the little letters that we have for her room (the letters spell out her ever popular name). 

 I would like to say thank you to Ben and Kristine Ho for helping me get started/motivated to journal!  They have an absolutely, unbelievably cute little girl named Isabel. 

 See you soon!

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